Postcards from Istanbul /8

“She was like a landscape you see from the train, and you want to stop just there.”

– Graham Greene, ‘The Living Room”


What a difference a smile makes. How it shifts landscapes and ruins the topography of the heart. And how it does and undoes the shoelaces of our reserve, our restraint, and our impulses. With you, it all comes apart.

Ever seen a dandelion in the breeze? The way its wispy hairs blow about in the wind? The way you could blow them all away? That’s me. A dandelion. And you? A tulip. Queen of all flowers. Seasonal. Coming and going like clockwork. Dandelions grow wild – like weeds. But you, everyone wants you… I don’t even know what I’m trying to say anymore.


What I began with was to let you know that your smile undoes me. It happens always. It happened again today and when it does it is as though the world stops moving and time stands still.

That’s all I wanted to tell you. About your smile. That’s all.

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