I never forgot your smell,
or how soft your cheek was;
like tender coconut flesh.
How soft your cheek was,
when I dared to push my lips against it.

I never forgot how
my back pressed against the wall.
Green, cold, flaky paint.
I remember trying to remember the moment
the hot flush of love against the cold of the wall.
The memory lives, grows, sears.

It is a fever. You shudder, you sweat.
You want to lie down, you need to sit up.

Yes, a fever. A fire that’s burning me up.
A fire that won’t listen to reason.

I will be your phoenix, you can be my arsonist.

Scarlet lips to burn you, flushed cheeks to burn you.
Here, inside of me, is a living arsenal.

A veritable, flammable woman;
you will keep me alive with flames of longing.

That first spark has grown,
brighter now, bolder now.

Your lips are under my thumb:
trembling pink flesh. Now wet with wanting,
now parched in anticipation.

Fan my flames, for I need you, to make it through
this stark and lonely night.
Touch your tongue to mine, quench this longing.
Nay, stay away, lest all turn to ashes.

There is a desperation in this denial. A quiet hunger.
A spasming want.
I will wait. I will make you want me.

(Written with @URM1)

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  1. ladynimue says:

    Loved it !
    Always liked Urmi’s words . reading you fior the first time though ..


  2. your writing helps us to experience so sweetly, to calm down and just melt into the story, thank you


  3. neeli says:

    I love it.


  4. rameshnanda says:

    Reblogged this on Rameshnanda's Blog and commented:
    Do read this lovely blog.It will turn you into a nice lover <


  5. Freda Dewar says:

    I am very impressed, your romantic writing is incredible, unlike what you thought you wouldn’t understand my accent, For Your Information I don’t have an accent, you stole my heart, made me fall in love with you so deeply, my heart is crushed, Please tell me where we go from here, I need to know, silence is not the human who claimed so much love for me, would love to know before I go to the White House, this week.

    Your Blogs are great, beautigully written, if I didn’t read them I would have never known, from your seductive DM’s & Emails proclaming so much love & tenderness.

    By the way someone sent me DM about your Blogs! Thank You

    PS: I love you with all my heart & soul

    Please tell me where we stand & where we go from here???

    With Undinyiable Love

    Freda Dewar


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