I knew it well. Deep within I knew how it was always going to be and yet I let myself hope, I dared, not because I am brave but because I am foolish. And these are the most dangerous people to themselves. My own worst enemy- how often do I hear that?
I called this blog part broken, part whole because this is what I am. A little cracked up, a little fixed, it is a journey I am on, if you like. Going towards the healing light, moving away from the chaos and void caused by all that used to once be and then left.
I was somewhere along the way I thought. Doing just fine and then one day out of the blue, I find myself undone. Now I don’t know which direction I am going in. Still towards being whole or back to the broken side of things? I just don’t know.
Hopeless and empty I return to the city I now call home. The cold chill seems to welcome me back more warmly that the 29 degrees I left behind.

I hadn’t the heart to leave but I see that I came away and left my heart behind anyway.

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