Nonsense Girl

Belligerent are the stars in the sky
Sending both you and I
To wars, not of our making, but there for the taking
Staring, unshining in darkness, in light.

They say I possess
And yes, I could confess,
The world’s words swim in my head,
Like hysterical sperm on my undersexed bed.

And yet, the only ones that find
Their meandering way to fuck my mind
My pen, my lips and fingertips
Are, “I just don’t understand.”

So help me understand.
My sanity, my breath are single strands
In the palm of your tiny clutched hand.
And I go mad, I suffocate;

The tears run dry down my crazed face
eradicating the one little trace
That just might have placed
My slow-dying speed in this human race.

Undefined me, unrefined me,
The nonsense girl, I faltered and flayed.
With no more to say, no point to make
I fell into silence and there I stayed.

Once I twitched, perhaps it was twice
But quiet was the weapon when words did not suffice.
All I voiced turned bad from good
My lips remain unmoving and I, misunderstood.

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