“…It is wise to break your heart for the one who takes your heart away” – Tagore

I said I would not leave, and I kept my word. My useless word is all that remains.   “You left me and went your way. I thought I should mourn and grieve over my loss… For time is short. Youth wanes year after year, Spring days are fugitive, Fragile flowers die for nothing, And […]

A mess of me. A mess of you.

“I promise to kiss every mole that has taken a space on your body, lose count and start again.” “Tell me you mean that.” “I do.”   I do not know how you so effortlessly unravel the core of my vulnerability like a ribbon. Now I search for you in the middle of the night, […]

Beauty is always a surprise. Some kinds of beauty are nothing short of a fairy tale.

    I know what eyes are made of. They’re made of the ocean, of caramel, of December mornings, of drops of absinthe and splinters of amber. Eyes are made of honeycomb. Of steel. Of midnight and monsoon. Of smoking coal and dying embers. Of toffee, jujubes, and violet pastilles. I know of eyes made from […]

Words for all time

  “Happy birthday.” “I love you.” “I’m sorry.” “Please.” “Thank you.” “It’s going to be okay.” Saying the spoken, telling the told; some words do not age. We say them so often one wonders if they erode mud-like, with use. We use them genuinely, unthinkingly, sincerely, absently, willingly, automatically, compulsively, intently. We use them. We […]