I don’t know what else to do, so I am turning you into a poem

I don’t know what else to do So I am turning you into a poem I am here to remind you That is what you were made for The girl whose hands turned my blood to gold You are a poem I can no longer say out loud But inside inside me your name is […]

You are going to live inside my skin

It has never been as difficult as it is tonight to leave your side. I watch my heart stretch like pizza cheese, like chewing gum. One half lodged inside my chest and the other half stuck to a stray lock of your hair. It will not break; a muscle of steel. You are walking away […]

Why I love… In the mood for love

“This lyrical beauty, almost archaic.” I am listening to you. And I am agreeing. “The sway of the hips, the look. Where does it happen except in this magical, fictional space?” The intense deliberation. Each look towards and away. Each inhale of smoke & exhale of defeat. The crushing elegance of it all. “The hand […]