I don’t know what else to do, so I am turning you into a poem

I don’t know what else to do So I am turning you into a poem I am here to remind you That is what you were made for The girl whose hands turned my blood to gold You are a poem I can no longer say out loud But inside inside me your name is […]

You are going to live inside my skin

It has never been as difficult as it is tonight to leave your side. I watch my heart stretch like pizza cheese, like chewing gum. One half lodged inside my chest and the other half stuck to a stray lock of your hair. It will not break; a muscle of steel. You are walking away […]

Why I love… In the mood for love

“This lyrical beauty, almost archaic.” I am listening to you. And I am agreeing. “The sway of the hips, the look. Where does it happen except in this magical, fictional space?” The intense deliberation. Each look towards and away. Each inhale of smoke & exhale of defeat. The crushing elegance of it all. “The hand […]

The heart asks pleasure first or Why I love… Michael Nyman

My love, Have you ever heard of Michael Nyman? He is a composer. He composed the score of Jane Campion’s film, The Piano. This is amongst my favorite tracks. It is perhaps the musical equivalent of the dreadful possibility of loss. The desperate, wild look in the eyes when faced the sudden idea that this might be the last […]

Why I will write you four letters in one night

Because I cannot keep away from you. Because my nights are yours in thought and memory of the morning before, of the unexpected detonation of desire beneath the sheets at 6:49 am. Because my days are filled with disinterest and wild distractions both. Because your lips keep the memory of my tongue pressed upon them like […]