Let me kiss your knees, Helen of Troy

Beloved, To tear myself away from you is nothing short of sin. Your voice like a single melting marshmallow, like warm custard on the sides of a saucepan: soft, sweet, a mouth hug. Only I know how it is to love you and not have you. Challenge me with this. Show me one other human […]

I don’t know what else to do, so I am turning you into a poem

I don’t know what else to do So I am turning you into a poem I am here to remind you That is what you were made for The girl whose hands turned my blood to gold You are a poem I can no longer say out loud But inside inside me your name is […]

Twenty epiphanies. One night alone on the Twitterverse.

  1. If you’re still checking their Twitter TL, Facebook or Instagram, you’re not over them. Truth. 2. Letting yourself be vulnerable with someone is incredibly frightening. And most times, completely worth it. 3. If someone treats you badly and you let them, you’re the abuser. Not them. 4. I am learning that shallowness, like depth […]

You are going to live inside my skin

It has never been as difficult as it is tonight to leave your side. I watch my heart stretch like pizza cheese, like chewing gum. One half lodged inside my chest and the other half stuck to a stray lock of your hair. It will not break; a muscle of steel. You are walking away […]