The bottom of less

Twenty-four hours. I have sailed on a raft of emptiness through a vacuum consisting of measured time that swung like a pendulum between endlessness and eternity. I’ve never been to the bottom of the ocean but in my mind I go often. The cool stillness, the deep dark black of the blue. The soundless silence. That ocean is inside me as much as I am inside of it. Here, there are no tears and no sound of crying. Here there is just saltwater and where the ghostly moans of despair go to die.

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You love like a man. Which is to say, cautiously, and with measured words. Or none. No words. You send me voice notes of your breathing or the precious few seconds as you climax taking my name with you. But to speak of love? You prefer not to. There is lust, there is chemistry, there […]


          The infinite power of the Universe functions on the simple principle of cause and effect. Every action, equal and opposite reaction etc. And so it goes that what you sow, so shall you reap. What you give, comes back to you, and what you ask for you shall receive.   […]


Twenty-one days to make or break a habit, they say. Or it’s written. Either way, that’s what I hear. Twenty-one days is an almost myth. It took twenty-one seconds for you to open a door and punch your way inside my chest. Twenty-one is an almost lie. It took twenty-one hours for me to know […]