You return at impossible times

  The memory of you remains an ever-fixed mark on all I see. The image of your face recalls itself with delicately woven fibers, patterning the windows in my house and the frozen glimpses in hallways, pathways, byways.  I cannot look at my own face in the mirror without seeing your fingerprints stamped upon my neck. Tiny […]

I don’t know what else to do, so I am turning you into a poem

I don’t know what else to do So I am turning you into a poem I am here to remind you That is what you were made for The girl whose hands turned my blood to gold You are a poem I can no longer say out loud But inside inside me your name is […]

Why I will write you four letters in one night

Because I cannot keep away from you. Because my nights are yours in thought and memory of the morning before, of the unexpected detonation of desire beneath the sheets at 6:49 am. Because my days are filled with disinterest and wild distractions both. Because your lips keep the memory of my tongue pressed upon them like […]