Let me write you poems you’d hide from your husband

I am waiting for the disaster – for the inevitable – to happen to me.
It sounds terrible: the way a tragedy | travesty | catastrophe is terrible.
But on some days just the cataclysm you need.

I hear beautiful things happen in collision-collusion: accidents can be serendipity.
Bumping into past lives, new love, exes, tomorrows.
Running headlong into coruscating mistakes you’d make over and over again.

I am waiting for the beautiful anomaly of you and me becoming one – to happen to me.
I am waiting for the juggernaut kick in the ribs
When your face meets my eyes for the first time – every time will feel like this – like the scene of a crime.

An explosion. A car crash. Arson on two legs.
Devastating as it is mesmerising.
Come on, happen to me.

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