Book Review: The Sea in You by David Whyte

The Sea in You: Twenty Poems of Requited and Unrequited LoveThe Sea in You: Twenty Poems of Requited and Unrequited Love by David Whyte

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Reading David Whyte is not unlike praying. He is easily a messiah for our troubled times, bringing with him loaves of compassion, and fishes of insight. David’s writing is a call to that which is within us all; the muffled, drowned out voice of reason and love, of humanity and instinct, of oneness with the universe. His words, always so gentle and beckoning, are a tender invitation into those parts of the self that thirsty for acknowledgement and waiting to be heard.

Davis Whyte is not merely a poet. Unless we are to consider poets as prophets after a sort. His words are gospel for the poor and hungry soul, bringing with them light and hope. Simplifying the path to the Self, and re-energising those vacant and hollow voids we hold on up with such ferocity. David teases out the kinks in our heart with his poetry. With words that hold immense power and conscious restraint.

There is a rare authenticity to his voice. To some, it may lack the rage and fervour we associate modern poetry with. It may seem to lack the fierceness and robustness we seem to gravitate towards and liken with contemporary voices. But David’s voice is timeless as it is ancient. The wisdom of his poetry is new and not new together at once. It is a wisdom we hold in our bones; a knowing that is fashioned in our DNA before we are even born. Make no mistake, this is a book of love poems and unrequited love poems and the passion is distinct in its gorgeous rendering. The word, “respect” and “integrity” come to mind. Which is not to say it lacks heat! On the contrary, there is a restraint to the writing that is undeniably sexy.

This poetry is a reminder, a beautiful call to action or inaction. It makes a case for exercising patience, trusting the greater plan of the Universe, and believing against all odds that none of us is forsaken. Love is here. Love is where you live. There will be more love.

This book is giving me back to God. And giving God back to me.

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