Your name in my mouth


Where can I go with your name in my mouth?

It has sewn me shut with no word to offer.

I cannot, anymore, ask for a cup of tea,

Say hello when I pick up the phone,

Respond to my own name called out.

I am the dumb mute that denies the world.

To say the word, “I”

Would have me part my lips.

And I am too versed in the ways of you, love,

To surrender your name for my own.

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  1. acarolynn says:

    Reblogged this on 'two roads diverged…' and commented:


  2. Oh my gosh
    This is awesome


  3. Admirer (guess me (k) not) says:

    It sticks like my own skin
    Slithering over my surrendered self.
    What gives to wrap it around ?
    What gives to inhale this whiff ?
    Did you say it’s just a name ?
    When it’s the mosaic that reflects from me.
    What’s the name that’s me ?
    What’s me that’s lost in a name ?


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