One breath. Then another. (snippets to get you through the day)



What others think of you is not your business.

Focusing on others is a colossal waste of perfectly good energy.

Train yourself to love without receipts.

No matter how easy it is, desist from cruelty.

Your ability to be gentle will always be your most attractive feature.

If someone tells you that you’re too fat/short/tall/thin/ugly/uncool – it says more about them than it ever will about you.

Do not be afraid to give a fuck about what you care for.

The facts don’t matter. Truth does.

The future changes every minute.

Let yourself be comfortable with uncertainty.

Let yourself be.

Do not punish someone repeatedly for a mistake they made once.
Do not allow others to punish you repeatedly for what you did once.

Trusting your gut is an essential survival tool.

Do not log in hoping to find yourself.

You are more than your DP/ avi. You are more than your Twitter bio. You are more than 140 characters.

Your mistakes do not define who you are.

Living on compliments from strangers will always leave you hungry.

Do not be drawn into perceptions of yourself based on what someone tells you.

Do not feed your false vanity. It is insatiable.

Resist the urge for validation from strangers on the internet.

Not having an opinion does not make you underdressed for the party.


The human race is kinder than it lets on.


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