Note to (your)self

To you who feel too much, loves too much, gives too much:
I am one among you, and it is time to be proud of what you are made of, even if what you are made of is gullibility.

To you who are moved too easily, fall in love too easily, believe too quickly what you are told: thank you for your faith in mankind. One day they will stop hurting too.

To you who knowingly lets someone get away with a lie, who performs random acts of kindness, who shares your last penny:
I am on your side. Here is a dollar. And my lunch.

To you who takes the force of the blow, who stands in the line of fire, who protects others:
take a First-Aid kit with you everywhere. Being your own hero means bruises.

To the ones who walk away, to the ones who hold on, to the ones who wait it out:
you did the right thing. What a beautiful battlefield you must be.

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