Sext – Two

I will find you in the dark. I will come for you in the deepest blue of night. My fingers will read your skin, and my palms will lay the ground of your body for our lovemaking. In our quiet, in this forced wordlessness, my mouth finds you other fruit. Grapes for my wanting. Plums for your sex. 

In the taciturn small of nighttime, I’ll reach for you with my eyelashes, my fingernails, my tongue burnt on your skin. I will undo your buttons, unlace your day, open the fist of your body towards me. I ask with my eyes, to be given the gift of your wanting.

Show me the places where your desire goes to wait out its fevers. I will crouch beside your longing and make it mine.

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  1. Wrinkled Mind says:

    I forgot to mention it last time, but your words have feelings.


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