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  1. Wrinkled Mind says:

    Hearing that, I simply hated myself. I hated myself for wasting all those years, trying to be someone else. It was not just for her, but for the rest of the world. And now I have failed.

    Looking back, however, it was all for me. The selfish me, who wanted to be someone else, so that I could be loved by everyone else. I wanted everyone to love me, while forgetting that someone special already did. For her, I didn’t even have to change. And now, fate has left me in a bad shape. It hoped to laugh at me and my condition, but she came in and ruined fate’s cruel joke. She protected me in her comforting embrace, even though I didn’t deserve it.

    So, I apologized to her for all the lost time.
    She simply turned to me, and said, “Time? Don’t worry, we have plenty of that, ahead of us.”

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