Texts to my mother 

I’m a 41-year old teenager. Maybe I’m 12. Or 22. Who cares. Not old enough. Mum wasn’t there when teenage shit the fan. But when I ask her now, she tries. She’s so bad at this. It makes her feel awkward to see me weak. If it’s someone else I’m crying over, she will cluck her tongue as if to imply I am wasting my life. And you know she’s right.

When you talk to your mother and ask for help, no matter how old you are, you’re a child. You’ve got your little arms up on the air saying, “carry me,” and sometimes she just might.


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  1. Sindhu says:

    Don’t worry. Your mom will love and welcome you with open arms. Take care


  2. Nimmi says:

    Your words touch my heart… Things will be alright soon dear… Just keep up the hope. ❤


  3. LoveMySoul says:

    I teared up. I feel your pain. Stay strong. You’re helping your mom by opening up with your personal problems. We all have them but we choose to hide them inside. Keep doing what you’re doing (:


  4. Hehe… This puts the mothers in a corner eh? To tell them how they’re supposed to feel when their grown up kid needs help? Imagine the mother instead going… ‘Grow up you whiny freak!’ 😛


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