Begin again, yet again

It’s Nourooz today. Spring equinox. It heralds new beginnings. Second chances. Hundredth chances. A way to begin again no matter how many times or how badly you’ve screwed up.

With all things that begin anew, there is first need to clear space by removing that which no longer serves your purpose. Clear clutter- real and virtual. Prune your possessions. Eliminate all emotional extravagances. Drop your baggage and burden in order to keep your arms open to all that’s new and blessed in the coming year.

But how do you know what no longer serves your purpose? You always know. If it brings you no joy, limits your growth and doesn’t work to make you kinder, it’s not for you.

Nourooz is not merely a festival or cause to celebrate. It’s a gentle reminder; nature’s tender wake up call. It is when day and night hang in perfect, equal balance, reminding us that opposites are necessary.

May your coming days be blessed with more of all that is good, kind, and most necessary for the peace of your heart. May your feet step gentler on God’s good earth. May your head rest easy on your pillows and your mind be without shackles. May you find yourself more compassionate, more merciful, and more loved than ever before.

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