You return at impossible times


The memory of you remains an ever-fixed mark on all I see. The image of your face recalls itself with delicately woven fibers, patterning the windows in my house and the frozen glimpses in hallways, pathways, byways. 

I cannot look at my own face in the mirror without seeing your fingerprints stamped upon my neck. Tiny moments became an imperceptible reality. You saw me like a tango, the fiercest waltz. We swayed in the only direction both of us knew how to move. Towards love. 

Now time takes me back and forth between what was and what could have been. I realize that there was only you. And there will probably always be only you. Whenever I dance, I am reminded that once, I danced for you.

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  1. Shobha says:

    There is this haiku by Warsan Shire that is close to my heart. “i learn urgently
    the architecture of loss, then find you again.”

    Your post reminded me of it.

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