Lead me to the Arjuna in me. Lead me to the warrior within. Remind me, divine charioteer, why I am here, and why I am fighting the one I love. Remind me again, why there is no other path left to take.

Remind me of the real war: the one we spar with our own selves. Tell me again about the fears, doubts, insecurities, and questions of worth we carry and why we must banish those first.

Lead me to the Arjuna in me. And then take me aside and recite a poem that will change my life. Let each arrow that hums from my bow meet its target in my every fear. My every regret, every sorrow.

Find me weapons that draw no blood. Show me, dark god, the light in my centre eye that looks on unblinkingly at this unstoppable life. Let my quiver hold the soft voice of sanity, not arrows. Let my bow be where my head dips to touch your feet.

Drive me to the centre of the Universe, my Krishna. Bring me back to my own Arjuna. Bring me back to me.


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