If anyone needs me, I’ll be making a fool of myself

Once you go out there on the Internet and start talking about how you feel and what you think; things that are real and that matter, you’ve sold yourself. You don’t belong to you anymore. Your words, your pain, your loves and losses. Public property. You belong to anyone who has an opinion.

So if you’re a writer and your heart is breaking, your blog is not catharsis. It’s a begging bowl for sympathy.
Remember that the next time you decide to be as stupid as me here.

By the way, I plan on continuing to be stupid for a while and giving out the several fucks that I incidentally, do give enough of to be considered way uncool to hang with.

I’m cool with uncool. Cool people don’t seem to give a shit about anything, which can only have one logical consequence: they are full of it.

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  1. I plan to go right on making a fool out of myself too 🙂 who cares about everyone and their opinion? They will be fine.


  2. You say it better than i think i could have!!

    Do you mind if I reblog this?


    1. mentalexotica says:

      Go ahead 🙂


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