Open Letter to You Know Who You Are


“You asked why I wrote. I said lost things.”
– Dave Smith



I don’t write for sympathy. I don’t write because I revel in the image of an elusive, mysterious woman haunted by loss. I don’t write because I am a victim of social media validation. I don’t write because I need an audience to vindicate or vilify me. I don’t write for fame, or fandom, popularity or infamy. I don’t write for rewards. And I don’t write for you.

I write to be able to sleep at night. I write so I have something to wake up for. I write because it helps me hold on to sanity. I write because it reminds me I am alive and have a life that needs living. I write because it heals the constant wound. I write because for a few precious moments the words let me believe I have a chance to fix what’s broken and try to be happy. I write because if I did not, I could not make even a temporary peace with my fierce, empty and noisy heart. I write for me.

I write not because I can, but because it is the only thing I have that has not left.

8 thoughts on “Open Letter to You Know Who You Are

    1. Hello Walt. Since this post is not addressed to you it makes sense that you ask the question. However, should the one I have written to/about were to read this, the question does not occur.


  1. Reblogged this on 'two roads diverged…' and commented:
    I have always wanted to write and admired people who can write…i never thought myself a good enough writer,but not writing was creating some part of me to decay i guess, i finally can let it all is a piece from another blog that spoke to me.


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