“…It is wise to break your heart for the one who takes your heart away” – Tagore

I said I would not leave, and I kept my word.
My useless word is all that remains.



“You left me and went your way.
I thought I should mourn and grieve over my loss…
For time is short.

Youth wanes year after year,
Spring days are fugitive,
Fragile flowers die for nothing,
And the wise man warns me that life
Is but a dew drop on a trembling leaf.

Should I neglect all this to gaze after you
Who has turned her back on me?
That would be foolish.

Therefore, come to me, my rainy nights with pattering feet
Smile, my golden autumn
Come, careless April showers scattering your kisses abroad
And come you too, my lover…
We are mortals,
And it is wise to break your heart for the one who takes your heart away.
For time is short.”

One Comment Add yours

  1. spring says:

    “Open the doors, make room for the morning light.”

    just bent not broken
    we’ll learn to love again


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