Waiting to be the octopus

Now you have known what overcomes me since you have been in my life. You have heard and read and seen the words of desire and lust, of needs made into language in your absence. You have known my bloody hunger, tasted the bitter desert of my thirst and experienced the continuous throb of my passion inside your body, inside your veins, inside your very blood. You consume me. My mind becomes a body that calls to be sated by yours. Your words lick the walls of my brain. Your sighs become my breathing. Your gasps are light bulbs of imagination sparking inside my head. Your deep, long pauses are the moments I wait within your skin.
Your quiet, patient opening up, like a clam, is something I delight in. I pleasure in watching you disrobe and discover yourself; your endless beauty, your unspoken desire, your most secret passions. To know them thus, to be introduced to these hot, loving strangers is such a strange and beautiful experience. To come to know you as you are coming to know you is a meeting of a lifetime. Four days and four nights of discovery. Deep sea dives into the darkest, coolest depths of you; places the sun has never seen, and where no other human being has ventured yet. Take me there.
I wait for you to make my knees raw from the hours spent exploring you.
I wait for the soreness of my muscles from being tense with longing.
I wait for the fireworks inside my chest when I see you unveiled, unclothed, unhidden from my shameless, shiftless, gaze.
Tonight, I wait to be the octopus.

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  1. ladywhispers says:

    I could literally smell it all. So intoxicating. Love your words. Following you for it 🙂


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