Tonight is so beautiful. I feel like reaching outside my window and hugging the weather. It feels like a much-longed for embrace. It fills me with that rare peace I sometimes manage a fleeting sense of. It implores me to shut my eyes and just allow this to happen. Not think of how wonderful it is, or how I am going to describe it later, but just let it be. And enjoy it.

Tonight has that air of ‘everything is going to be all right’. When I die I want it to be exactly like this. I want to remember the world exactly this way when I close my eyes for the last time.

Tonight is so beautiful, that it almost seems too much to ask of life, of God. Sometimes, moments like tonight are enough to set you free.

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  1. piggly wiggly says:

    Started reading, thinking it would be a post, and by the time into the second paragraph, realised it was more like verse. Good imagery.

    Can only indicate that my first thought was that my echoed feeling for the weather here right now, is so so different. It is night, but the humidity feels like you could cut the air with a knife. A pea-souper without the fog.

    Danke, for having this space to allow random rants.


  2. Raajii says:

    This is so beautifully written. This piece has a very ‘calm’ effect – thank you 🙂


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