Words for all time



“Happy birthday.” “I love you.” “I’m sorry.” “Please.” “Thank you.” “It’s going to be okay.”

Saying the spoken, telling the told; some words do not age. We say them so often one wonders if they erode mud-like, with use. We use them genuinely, unthinkingly, sincerely, absently, willingly, automatically, compulsively, intently. We use them. We mean them. We don’t mean them. And at very instance we hope against hope that the receiver of these words believes us.

“I’m sorry you think that.”
“It means the world to me.”
“You are too kind.”
“This too shall pass.”
These are the words I give away often. What are yours? I want to know your most said expressions, your oft-shared platitudes.

Tell me the words you give away and I will tell you what you keep.


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  1. Tiny says:

    I used to hate it when people ended their conversations with ‘take care’ but over time I’ve started using it too but not hating it any less.


  2. Hah. Mine’s “It’s fine, it’s okay…” and I’m beginning to hate the way I use it.


  3. My sister uses *obviously*, my brother uses *apparently* and I used *really!* a lot. If you think about it, that says much about our individual personalities (confident, sceptic, naive). Lately, I’ve been using *Anyhow* quite frequently to end conversations and have the last word. How frustrating for the addressee. Anyhow.


  4. I love how you play your words.


  5. tikulicious says:

    “I see” That is what I use often. Also, though it depends on situations. I say.” welcome to my world” “Glad to be part of your world”, ‘I am good” “stay precious”, “Be well” are some other. I am very generous with my “thanks you” and “sorry” and I mean it every time I say it. There are two phrases I do not really like .1. ‘Hang in there” and 2 ” Only time will tell”. I simply find them irritating for more than one reason.


  6. tejaswini says:

    Nevermind and “see you around”


  7. manjiT says:

    Words loose the meaning when its not love. And i believe words mean nothing when both really love each other. I am Telling from experience of the former. Wishing to experience the later someday..


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