Nobody heard the Big Bang

When something is truly larger than life and magnificent it makes not a sound.

The earth doesn’t rumble. Birds don’t fall out of trees. Life doesn’t take notice. And that is because in the scheme of things all that is important and magnificent is just another day in the life of the world. And of life. And of experience.
The most life changing news will come to us and we know that nothing will be the same again. And yet, look outside the window and it is. Nothing is different. And yet everything is different.

Confessions are like that. Things are different now that something unknown is known.Once something is known it can never be unknown. And yet nothing truly dramatic happens. Because what has had to happen already has. The confession is only the physical voicing of it.

Truly splendid things occur in silence. Our lives change and become anew and not even a cricket would stir in the night.

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  1. tejaswini says:

    beautiful beautiful words…


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