Love and the night sky – the world’s most magnificent discotheque

I am looking for that something which is a blend of magic and mayhem, desire and disruption.
I think I might be looking for love.




Such a fool for your words, both said and unsaid, I hold you from one thousand miles away. I hold you as inconspicuously as your hand snug over phone in pocket, waits for the buzz of this message.  I know of a question mark in the shape of the taste of your lips; it keeps me awake at night. With your love, this fierce, beating heart threatens to turn into a hummingbird inside my chest.

In a wild night of rain I kiss you as the earth goes black & lights up with a strobe of lightning – the world’s most magnificent discotheque.
To kiss you so long, so unstoppably, that one would no longer discern which was rain and what was your mouth. To take from the ends of your hair, droplets like diamonds, and crush them between my lips like liquid crystal. To sit at the edge of the street, on the bend of a kerb, and have the soft, drumming fingers of rainwater pitter patter across my face. To take your hands through my hair. To find the glove of your waist. To encompass the bevel of your belly with the stretch of my palm. To discover the centre of your hand, the middle of a universe. To taste upon it a storm puddle.

Your fingers drysweep my lashes in reverse. Your hand in mine is a stencil of ‘never let me go’.

You entered me like a star tearing open the unbroken sky. Molten white, searing silver, crushing indigo at midnight. Winds whip rain into obedience. Stars cower under clouds.

The night is untamed. The sky is a spectacle tonight. I cannot take my eyes off you.

7 thoughts on “Love and the night sky – the world’s most magnificent discotheque

  1. I have missed your writing, Miss M. This has made my afternoon, and brought some tears to my eyes with the rawness of it. As always, your words blow me away.

    Love, Miffalicious. []


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