You are not to be wooed. You are to be colonized.


If one were to woo you with flowers, one would choose wildflowers. Never roses. Never red. An un-self-conscious bird of paradise, perhaps. Deceptively frail persian lilies. An elegantly rude hibiscus that conveys uninhibited desire. (For the hibiscus is not a suggestive flower. It is blatant in its sexuality. Unapologetically wanton. It is the most beautiful prostitute in the garden.)


If one were to woo you with chocolate one would never give you a ribbon-tied box of gourmet assortments. No candied Turkish delights, no nougat-filled truffles. No.

One would give you a handful of dark mounds broken off a mountain of cocoa. One would reach into one’s pockets and pull out fistfuls of raspberries, broken with juice, that have stained one’s fingers deliciously.

Then one would ask you to clean the reds, maroons, purples, crimsons from my fingers with your lips.


If one were to woo you with music one would not choose the grandiose pretension of an operatic magnum opus, or an orchestral masterpiece. One would not compile a ‘mixtape’ of love songs. No.

One would serenade you with a flamenco under your window in the dead of night until even the wolves were silenced.


One does not woo you with the classical poetry of romantics. One does not quote Shakespeare or drop couplets by Keats. One would not speak of Byron or Rossetti. One might make references to Lorca, one might even mention Neruda in passing. But what one does, is this: one writes lines across your forearm with a ball point pen in the silence of a library, broken only by breathing. One leaves smudge marks on your skin where one has been clumsy with one’s words. And then, one drops letters into your ears one whisper at a time.

One pushes lovelanguage under your skin, inch by inch. Consonant by consonant.


One does not woo you with compliments. One does not simply say “my, how beautiful you look today.” Because one doesn’t speak of obvious things. One reminds you of those often forgotten.

One forgets to breathe. One forgets to blink. One does not let you out of one’s sight. And when asked what the matter is, one finds no voice. One stammers.


One does not woo you as one woos other women. Because you are not other women. You are all women. And none. You are not to be wooed. you are to be colonized. You are the surviving image of one’s desire. You are the compass and the direction. The instigator and the receptacle.

And when one reaches out to touch you, one can only pray that you are real.


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  1. miselleinad says:

    Reblogged this on pop. six. squish. uh-uh..


    1. mentalexotica says:

      Thank you. x


      1. miselleinad says:

        Not at all. You write crazy beautifully.


  2. Usha says:



  3. louderthanhope says:

    Beautiful! you always render me dreamy-eyed.


  4. mystiquepai says:

    So very beautiful.


  5. itzmevishnu says:

    Simply beautiful!


  6. beautiful?…

    this is blunderously good…. like a sacrilege by the divine!


    wonderful to the degree of being unacceptable 🙂

    reading more!



  7. Ali Adnan says:

    in love with this post ! ❤


  8. maidaan says:

    One would find it very difficult to respond to this post with a mere ‘beautiful’. One would be tempted to liken it to cartography of the heart. Drawing maps for lovers. One colony at a time.


  9. Aditi Padiyar says:

    How wretchedly I wish I were the women you write of.
    You make me want to extract every hope I have mercilessly extinguished from within me/
    One must not write of love that cannot be created, just written of.
    I derive a depraved joy of this misery your words breed, of living through words because how else can one ever be loved so exquisitely?
    Your words are like exotic skin, vintage jewellery, tattooed nape, yellow rice lights. Escapism.
    Pardon my absurdities, it’s your words’ doing.
    I empathize with stalkers now, I know why they do what they do.
    Love letters are to come.


    1. mentalexotica says:

      Aditi, I invite you to be one of the women I write of. One can never have enough muses. Come.


  10. solmarea says:

    I feel this. Every word.


  11. onemeancurry says:

    How breathtakingly beautiful. I bet I gasped aloud or just plain forgot to breathe…I can’t remember which after reading through. I want to etch this on my forearm 🙂


  12. This is so wonderfully written that I yearn for eloquence. I wish I could appreciate in better words than “wonderful” ! I’d be coming back to this post again and again..


  13. SlayerGrey says:

    I was going to say that the words made me feel the way one feels when they see the beauty of the woman. But no, they fall woefully short. Because I have created an image of such a woman in my head, and there are no words to describe Her.
    I look at Her, and She makes the world itself pale in comparison.
    Having said that, your words are some of the best I have ever read.


    1. mentalexotica says:

      I am very touched by your praise and by the intensity of your heart.


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