For a Soundless Mermaid

What does a woman from the sea sound like?


The Little Mermaid had a voice that had no equal in the world. It was a voice that was sacrificed at the altar of love.

I remember the fairy tale and I think to myself, a woman from the sea must sound like clear blue skies and glistening green foam. She must have a voice that contains the hush of eight hundred billion fish whispers and the strains of Neptune’s trumpets. She must possess a sound that encompasses the light of the moon and the turn of the tide. From her voice, you will know that, as a child, she was cradled in the arms of Poseidon.

And if you were to kiss her, your lips would taste the salt of her sweet tongue.


I imagine your voice to be quiet. Maybe even a little raspy. I imagine it is a dark sound that is surprisingly light on its feet. Now here. Now gone. Pirouetting, but in the shadows only.

I imagine yours is a voice that enters a room taciturnly. Nobody notices. But when it leaves, everyone stirs in a knowing that something has shifted, something has left. It is gone and the air is colder.

I imagine your voice is slow. How sweetly it hesitates to volunteer a sound.

There are worlds, entire universes, in one voice. Especially when it is a voice you come to love and recognize as belonging to you.



For a soundless mermaid draped as a dervish (in burgundy) – @sivirika



Image: The Little Mermaid by Annie Leibovitz

5 Comments Add yours

  1. D says:

    OMG M! love the way you write!


    1. mentalexotica says:

      Do my eyes deceive me? Is it you, D?


      1. dipmookarjee says:

        Be mine,only mine,and for nobody else,and I too,yours only….forever….


  2. dipmookarjee says:

    You are my poetess,only my poetess ~ Yours Dip. *love for You* (Please reply in my mail , and then i’ll reply you back.)


    1. dipmookarjee says:

      “My Love is only for you, today there was no conversations with others in twitter,but i expected a mail from you,won’t you?” Am yours,only yours ~ with Love and kisses. d.m.


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