Why I love… In the mood for love

“This lyrical beauty, almost archaic.”

I am listening to you. And I am agreeing.

“The sway of the hips, the look. Where does it happen except in this magical, fictional space?”

The intense deliberation. Each look towards and away.
Each inhale of smoke & exhale of defeat.

The crushing elegance of it all.

“The hand brushed away. The hand grasping with an emboldened spirit. A knowing, only for the insider.”



*all italicized quotes belong to @Quicksilwr

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  1. piggy wiggly says:

    This was such an awesome movie. Very real. Toni Leung has a few movies of this sort, but it was the first time I saw Maggie Leung in anything other than a Jackie Chan fun movie. Love Wong Kar Wai’s movies. Hope you’ve seen Chunking Express.


  2. Tiny says:

    This is when I fell in love with Maggie Cheung.


  3. Sairah Bashir says:

    This was indeed a great film, just beautiful in its subtlety, subdued color palette and acting.


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