One hundred and fifty tweets for you

About a month ago (or more) I was sitting around doing very little on a Friday evening. Not only was I bored, I was uninspired. “Where is my muse”, I thought, “Why has she forsaken me?”

In all honesty, it was probably less theatrical than all that. I was running out of words. Maybe what I was really running out of was ideas. Or worse, love. True, I was at something of a dead end.

In some ways I think I still am floundering. A fish cast abruptly out of water. I wake up some days and feel a cavernous void within me. I feel incredibly lonely. I know I am not, and yet I am. I begin to feel the world dissociate from me; all things familiar become strangers, and people… well, people are what I recoil from most.

Yet, every time that happens I cast a net outwards in the direction of the universe and wait to see what happens. This time, I had an idea. I asked Tweeters to give me one word based on which I would write a love, sex or romance tweet for them. When you cast the net of love, you will catch some fallen stars. Magic was destined to happen.

Here is a log of those words and the tweets (in bold) in response to them:

  1. Come play with me. RT @BumbleBooger@mentalexotica Hookey.
  2. The smell of the night in your hair. RT @NehaT_:  @mentalexotica Black
  3. Savouring each pip crushed betwixt teeth and tongue. RT@kissability@mentalexotica pomegranate
  4. The scent of your wrists from where you have been. Meet me in the orchards. RT @MystiquePai@mentalexotica Orange.
  5. You race through me. Pulse pushing desire through a river of crimson. RT @URM1@mentalexotica Arteries
  6. One kiss. One breath taken away. One singular moment of sweet, sweet death. RT @KdProQuo@mentalexotica Deliverance.
  7. I am burning for you. RT @LaScheherazade@mentalexotica Phoenix
  8. Parchment against paper. Moisture against damp. Sweat against chest against you against me. RT @kurtbento@mentalexotica skin
  9. Are all I need right now. RT @TheGodlet@mentalexotica You.
  10. I line the map of your form. A cartography traced by fingertips. The rise and swell of your sex. RT @nelsonnium@mentalexotica CURVES.
  11. My homegrown drug. My intoxicated surprise. My swirl of colour, my tease of tongue. RT @rak_issubatomic@mentalexotica LSD 😉
  12. I love when you talk dirty to me. RT @Failgunner@mentalexotica antidisestablishmentarianism
  13. Tie me up. Tie me down. RT @Soumiya@mentalexotica passion
  14. Swift lifts and gentle descents. Run away with me. RT@SpinAndSwirl@mentalexotica airport?
  15. Veins the hue the aubergine. Am I hurting you with the death grip called love? RT @badaboomtheory@mentalexotica Purple
  16. My skin is your canvas. Teeth for strokes. Nails for brushes. Paint what you desire. RT @Phyrodite@mentalexotica Vicious
  17. A shoebox of letters betray the frayed edges of love. What could have been and what have we become RT @gargneha:@mentalexotica Saudade.
  18. Make your move. RT @akasharora_@mentalexotica Strategy
  19. Are you taking me against it? Or am I taking you? RT @St_Hill:@mentalexotica Refrigerator
  20. Maneuvering the sharp turns of knees, the curve of your elbow & pause breathless at the oasis that is your clavicle. RT@Bitchs_Brew: Bones
  21. Pleasure has a synonym that only lovers know of RT@vinaykrishnna@mentalexotica pain
  22. In the passion that is us, blood within and sweat without, is all the lubrication we need. RT @Emrayfo@mentalexotica Slippery.
  23. Keen for the hunt. Sharpen your claws. Mark your territory. I am waiting for you tonight. RT @BumbleBooger@mentalexotica Tiger.
  24. Your body is a smorgasbord. RT @preetidhingra@mentalexotica yummy
  25. New lands unseen. Plains unchartered. Waters unknown. You have much to do to make me your own. RT @dhavalrawal@mentalexotica Conquer.
  26. Underwater. Breathless, I am drowning beneath your gaze. And will not come up for air. RT @NatashaTakia@mentalexotica Bound.
  27. Passion has retired for the season and lust has finally fallen to sleep. Now my love, we are ripe. RT @greenentropy@mentalexotica Autumn
  28. You come. You see. You touch. You play. You lose. You stay. RT@Antarctic_Fox@mentalexotica Inside.
  29. Lovemaking is the music of the Universe. RT @sindiantadka@mentalexotica Moan
  30. The science of desire is not difficult to know. The science of ‘enough’ is impossible to comprehend. RT @pradeep_shetty: Simple.
  31. The scent of your ear. The urge in your moan. Heat lingers on bedclothes. It’s like you never went away RT @saffrontrail: distance
  32. Speak to me with your body. Translate the language of your skin. Echo your longing. But silently. RT @thurayalynn@mentalexoticawhispers.
  33. Bring me a dictionary on the way home. English-German-English. Or, just come home. RT @WhatAboutMyStar@URM1 @mentalexotica Schätzlein.
  34. I drink to you. I drink of you. Desire will keep death from a door a long while yet. RT @supaarwoman@mentalexotica Elixir
  35. No words tonight. Just your body against mine. Your every lie unbroken. Your every truth betrayed. RT @DarkDialogues: Confession.
  36. Inside me, you are other-worldly. Love is real when made. What is not love, does not exist. RT @mohank@mentalexotica Surreal
  37. Your back rested upon the flat of my palms. Your body a valley of silhouetted undulations. RT @ghaatidancer@mentalexotica Arch
  38. You tread too lightly upon my heart, love. Don’t you know, to stay, you must crush me completely. RT @aaliznat@mentalexotica feet
  39. Your hair. Last night comes back to me in a rush. RT @Dentisht:@mentalexotica Kink
  40. Day in and day out. We need to try this in the afternoons some time. RT @Narcissistslife@mentalexotica monotonous
  41. Love in the afternoon. The scent of the earth made wet by rain. So similar are we today. RT @_LordoftheFiles@mentalexotica petrichor
  42. Small mercies. Giant falls. Un petit mort, again and again. RT@eNRGe@mentalexotica slow death
  43. Your body is scarred from where I have roamed. Do I owe you an apology or do you owe me everything? RT @deepikah@mentalexotica Forgive
  44. Is not one word. But you are mine. RT @sindiantadka@mentalexotica Your Slave
  45. Shoulders graze at the station. Eyes meet, fleeting then furtive. You go. But not before I have made you mine. RT @vivekisms: Serendipity.
  46. An instrument of wait. An instrument of hate. No communique, this. Give me my pen and paper instead. RT @amulyashruthi: Telephone.
  47. I admire the satisfaction I am told black men can offer RT@_JustJoking@nelsonnium Admiration/Satisfaction/Black. In that order.
  48. Copper strands on the counter. Amber musk on the pillows. You’ve been gone forever. Or was it just yesterday? RT@Kodoor: @mentalexotica Miss
  49. Laments and losses. The theme song for all love. And you come here to play for me. I want a new tune. RT @abhishekaggy: Violin
  50. Dispensable love. Over the counter passion. Instant desire. Junks of hearts. Romance of the 21st century. RT @roshnimo: tetrapak
  51. Together this is beauty made real. Alone, it is art that sells. Pain is currency. Torment will make me a rich woman RT @emkay456: agony
  52. It is a time for endings. A time for losing. Goodbyes are bitter and death in a bottle seems sweet. RT @SatsJo@mentalexotica Poison
  53. Write to me. The tender render of your pen picks me up and takes me in… RT @akisaxena@mentalexotica nib
  54. Heat beyond language. Lust beyond sound. Blinding desire is a colour. RT @spacedout_sniff@mentalexotica White.
  55. On your back. On your feet. On your knees. RT @hazyaansh@mentalexotica switch
  56. An absence so real it is matter. Chasm, a brimful of what once was. Space filled with loss. No form takes what was yours. RT@Voidead: Void
  57. There is life in this body. Not one that we have just made. But you. You within me. RT @karachikhatmal@mentalexotica Junoon
  58. They will tell you desire weighs nothing. It is only a ounce of matter. They lie. RT @HoneyBadger87@mentalexotica Light
  59. The absence of touch is death. To remain unknown a poison. RT@badaboomtheory@mentalexotica ‘arsenic’
  60. I’d like a bite of your Kryp-tonite. RT @stupidusmaximus@mentalexotica Superhero.
  61. There are sixty-one names for red. Ninety-nine for snow. One for love. It’s enough. RT @mycrotchetyluv@mentalexotica crimson
  62. Life is short for stolen glances. Look me in the eye. Come after what you want. RT @mohank@mentalexotica Furtive
  63. There is a tingling | It’s a taste that I hear | Your tongue is mingling | with the heat of my ear. RT @paperviews@mentalexotica ear
  64. What will you play for me today? I am only going to watch. RT@spacedout_sniff@mentalexotica Earphones
  65. Don’t hurt yourself falling in love. RT @TripTeased@mentalexotica tripped
  66. I am NOT going to simulate an orgasm for you here RT@barkingbegum@mentalexotica shoot
  67. Are you kidding me? RT @DevalShalkhlan@mentalexotica sci-fi
  68. Love thyself. RT @sukhkarni@mentalexotica satiate
  69. Love is wasted on the young. Let’s fuck instead. RT@LilMissIssues@mentalexotica Youth.
  70. You want to tickle my buds and make me ooze? RT @saffrontrail: how about a picture?
  71. Smouldering pools of liquid heat. You’re burning up the kitchen and all you’ve done is look at me. RT @amodgil@mentalexotica eyes
  72. You like rhythm. I like jazz. The radio is playing Juice Newton. We shouldn’t have sex with the music on. RT @LadyOldMonk: drumbeat
  73. I’m sorry. I don’t understand. RT @TheBigDowg@mentalexotica Celibate.
  74. Free fall. Free flow. The light recedes and the dark welcomes my falling. This is love? RT @MaximusToxicus@mentalexotica Abyss
  75. One word I could never learn. RT @hersoapbox@mentalexoticaGoodbye
  76. High-heeled feet have a fetish for 18-eyed boots. Either way, take them off. RT @WhatAboutMyStar: Stilettos/Feet/Laces. Anyone or in order.
  77. You under me under you beneath the periwinkle night over the city. We have this. One night. RT @chicabeingme@mentalexotica Overwhelmed
  78. Sex is a science. This is my bedroom. You can leave your labcoat on. RT @thy_me_basil@mentalexotica Labia
  79. What are we watching tonight? RT @sindiantadka@mentalexotica Eros
  80. Salt and water. Wash away the loss from my eyes. Take away what was you. Clean the slate and start anew. RT @irasanyal@mentalexotica tear
  81. There is a dawning today. This might be more than love. This might be us. There might be a tomorrow. And hope. RT @JoyAndLife: Awakening
  82. How high are you taking me tonight? And, how are we getting there? RT @Deepak_Narrates@mentalexotica Pinnacle
  83. Don’t push it. RT @sindiantadka@mentalexotica Penis?
  84. “I love you.” …”But I thought we decide – no feelings.” RT@GheeTikka@mentalexotica frozen
  85. Missionary position. RT @priyal@mentalexotica stability

    There is a joke in that. I just know there is.
    RT @stupidusmaximus@mentalexotica Loving the tweets. Keep ’em coming 🙂
  86. So. Who are we hurting today? You, me or you? RT @peanutbut@mentalexoticaSadomasochism
  87. There are some things that are just born to be broken. I am one of them. RT @MaddoMomo@mentalexotica Promises.
  88. High highs. Low lows. Swung into basements and grazed cheeks on sidewalks. Love is a circus act. RT @mycrotchetyluv@mentalexotica trapeze
  89. Your breasts create shadow hills on the walls. Your hair, a cascade of fire. Inside you, I am but a rivulet RT @NehaT_: Silhouette.
  90. Where do you want it. How do you want it. It’s sex. Not an exam. Shut up already. RT @Ridhav@mentalexotica indecisive
  91. Fleeting freeze of tongue on a warm bed of skin. I hope you like a Baked Alaska. RT @shrimaanFuntush@mentalexotica Ice Cream
  92. Are we going somewhere new tonight? RT @aroha_groves:@mentalexotica crossing the line
  93. I burned my tongue today. 12 hours have passed since I burned it last. The pass between your breasts RT @MitigatedLying@mentalexotica Chai
  94. They ask me how I hurt myself. Hurt? I am puzzled. My lover has written to me last night, I say. RT @pollytext@mentalexotica bruise
  95. A living wound. A gash of the deepest pink. An ember glows, in the slip and the slide of your sex. RT @jaya_misra@mentalexotica velvet
  96. And repeat. RT @KdProQuo@mentalexotica stop. don’t.
  97. Everyone loves pussy. RT @Trillionaire@mentalexotica Feline.
  98. Yellow slips of squares. Grocery lists. Love yous. Temporary notes of sanity.RT @Nivivacious: @mentalexotica Post-itsSome of you guys, really push your luck. Seriously. RT@shreedaisy@mentalexotica dialect coach
  99. A famine of touch. Droughts litter the plain of desire, and the pestilence of life keeps me far from you. RT @SubMedina: locusts
  100. Enough for one wine glass of wine. Today you told me you loved another, as you sipped the last of my Merlot. RT @TheScarlettGirl: Heartbreak
  101. Winter twigs crack beneath the weight of bird feet. How tender a longing so simply undone by one sound devoid of love RT @faiqg: Dry.
  102. That’s my heart you’ve got stuck on the sole of your shoe. RT@breakfastquest@mentalexotica Scrape.
  103. He reads Leon. I listen to the Kings. Both ways now, sex is on fire. RT @culdivsac: @mentalexotica Trotsky
  104. A bauble for your ears. Pearl slip about your wrist. A heart-shaped locket says you have the jewels but no lover. RT @parapraxist: earlobe
  105. You are reading me Rilke over the telephone. “We are friends”, I tell myself again. “We are only friends” RT @SazzleUk: @mentalexotica stimulation
  106. Talk to me in lovers’ tongues, of myth, magic, mystics. You have too many words, he says, for things that require none. RT @BarnabyHM: speak
  107. She said, “I fell for that. That piece of dead muscle in your cheek.” “My smile?” “I was talking about your ass.” RT @spangmik: dimple
  108. I can taste you on my finger and feel you on my breath. Honey and marigolds, Southern Comfort and a gun. RT @MaidumJi: @mentalexotica Scent
  109. Kisses like LSD. Hickeys the colour of orgasms. A phantasmal riot of a rainbow awry. Your love stains everything. RT @kunjunnii: Psychedelic
  110. Against the closet. On the floor. On the chair, your back to me. It’s not lovemaking. Its lovetaking. RT @vantaskigoli@mentalexotica Rough.
  111. On your knees. Genuflect. Love is prayer. RT @rak_issubatomic@mentalexotica Rapture
  112. I don’t understand a word you say. But, how does that matter. We have this. We have right now. RT @iKooky@mentalexotica KANBAN
  113. In a world of shapes and sizes, silhouettes and structures, two triangles tessellate tonight. RT @talhawynne@mentalexotica hexagon
  114. Laying in my arms, bare-bodied and sweat-stained, the un-uttered I love you could be your undoing. RT @neha707: @mentalexotica vulnerable
  115. Wooing is a waltz. Coupling, the cha-cha-cha. Fucking, a fine frenzy of French hip-hop. And leaving is still. RT @MitigatedLying: Foxtrot
  116. Yesterday’s love story like yesterday’s sex scandal. Rotting in the trash can, fetid. I marinate in the stink of neglect. RT @cgawker: decay
  117. I love the blues, she replied, Especially when they’re given to me with the black plums on my neck RT @redundntrhtoric: do u like the blues?
  118. Tell me you love me. RT @VarshaAnchan1: @mentalexotica lies
  119. Stolen afternoons in the carpark. Deliberate coincidences in the elevator. You come only to go. Love heaves with regret RT @rascality: undertow
  120. There was a song once. Losing My Religion. You left. And that was the song. RT @I_Catawampus: @mentalexotica apostate
  121. The story of. The glory of. The history of. The dream of. The loss of. More of. Can’t get enough of. RT @vivekisms@mentalexotica Us.
  122. Come looking in the dark and you will find. And if you cannot, I will guide you. RT @suryaroshini: @mentalexotica Seek
  123. Death by Too Much Love. RT @ravikiran_j: @mentalexotica suicide
  124. Regret is a step too late but do I wish we never were? No. I never want to forget the paper kisses on my brow. RT @pratikmunot: remorse
  125. Scarlet kisses map your cheek. The back of my hand brush the fabric of your trousers. A low moan is heard tonight. RT @sindiantadka: tender
  126. There’s you and me and her. We all know. We all pretend there is enough love to go around. We all want one of us dead. RT @TripTeased: tacit
  127. With fingers and eyelashes, knuckles and breathing, write to me of what you long for RT @imightreply: @mentalexotica letters
  128. Also known as Maker of the Love Mark. RT @DR_Aditii: @mentalexotica tooth
  129. Lipstick on starched whites. Nina Ricci on your tie. She notices nothing until our eyes meet and stay that way. RT @kikcasso: betrayal
  130. Loss is imminent. Love is inevitable. Both are an inescapable fire. Only lust consumes and releases RT @5riram: @mentalexotica Fear.
  131. I have you Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. She gets weekends. We have lust. She gets breakfasts. She gets breakfasts. RT @_vroomfondel: envy
  132. Red for I love you. White for surrender. Yellow for friendship. You gave me marigolds. I know we are through. RT @Tarot_Queen_: rose petal
  133. Lunch at 2, you said. Poolside. It’s time we spent some time together, you and me. At 2, we set the table for 3. RT @_vroomfondel: insult
  134. I’ve got you, babe. The only thing Sonny & Cher got right. Now, I know why. Now I got you. RT @MaximusOdomos: @mentalexotica own
  135. For the sake of Adam, and for the love of Eve. There has never been a choice. RT @rutamg: @mentalexotica Woman.
  136. Strange how the friction of a finger against cheekbone can start a fire that takes 2 nights and an afternoon to douse. RT @_Mandar: Arousal.
  137. Your hair is the cocaine of my night. Your lips, the liquor that clears my eyes. Your tongue, the last frontier. RT @_JustJoking: Addiction
  138. My tongue in his lapel. You’re missing the spot, he says. But I’m not. Savile Row is good enough to eat. RT @kanimay: bespoke 3-piece suits
  139. You can run but you can’t hide. If you love what I do, you will find your way back to where you belong. RT @aarthipartha: Here.
  140. Tied to routine. Trapped by tradition. You are my one chance at escape. Only to be tied down in a way I want. RT @yesjaypee: Bondage
  141. Sweet is the taste of revenge. Sour, of what you cannot make your own. But the taste of having and losing? That. RT @nefertitillated: bitter
  142. The lock of your arm in the vise of a fist. Your gaze in my eye. Your heart in my palm goes SNAP. RT @mycrotchetyluv: @mentalexotica grip
  143. A thief in your home. A liar in your head. A slut in your bed. And none of which belong to you. I am another’s RT @mycrotchetyluv: Jezebel
  144. The scratch of the needle drags across the old 45s the same moment your nails rake my back. This is music to your ears RT @shreedaisy: vinyl
  145. Water seeps deep within the skin; it calls for more, be sure. To play with storms is to call thunder to your door RT @violinraindrops: Rain
  146. Warm your palms around the swell of my belly as you would a mug of steaming tea. Both await your vanquishing. RT @Keerthi_AK: Cuppa
  147. Broken in 4 perfect pieces. We will put it back together. Glue. Sex, Lies, Videotape. Commitment. No? No. RT @WhiskerBoom: Failure.
  148. Pocket full of skydust. Where did this come from? Oh yes, I remember. From where you fell out of the night. RT @Tarot_Queen_: starlight
  149. Owned by your desire, controlled by your longing. I am a servant of your need and will work for love. RT @NehaT_: @mentalexotica slave
  150. Swaying with the cadence of the dark. Intrepid beats invade my veins and in one deep look, I am locked inside your eyes. RT @NehaT_: trance

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