Will write for love

I used to think that I wrote only because I needed to. It was selfish, but that was all right. I made my peace with it. It served only my needs, my purposes. And besides, everyone else was doing it, so why not me? Right?

I’m not sure anymore. I understand differently today. I understand this when I read the words other people have written. When I read, and I feel the words move and kick inside me as though a new life were coming. I remember how it feels to read Neruda, or Rilke; or when I read Jeffrey McDaniel and Naomi Shihab Nye and David Whyte and Rumi. And I understand this: that although we may create beauty because we need to, our need is born of a greater, deeper calling that we hear. A need that lives outside of us.

What we hear is the almost silent consciousness of all humanity; of all mankind, and its primal need for love and beauty to permeate all life. We seek art. We seek pulchritude. And so we create. We write and sing and paint and sculpt and make and compose and talk and dance. We do this because we must. For ourselves and them.

No creator works alone.

Today I understand that I write not only because I need to, but because I must. And because there are others who need me to.

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  1. There’s this wonderful quote by Ray Bradbury that says “You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.” – I love it. Writing is an escape for me but an indulgence for you. It means different things to different people, yet it connects.

    I love this post, M. I’m going to fav it and read it every time i’m too lazy to write or i’m stuck. Hugs and love, your way.


  2. mentalexotica says:

    Dear PPD, I hope I will always have something for you to come for, and to.


  3. Sanjeev Gupta says:

    I love reading you …. your just amazing…..


    1. mentalexotica says:

      Dear Sanjeev, thank you for bothering to say so.


  4. tejaswini says:

    and yes, write you must…this blog has been my longest companion. I wish you knew how much it meant. it is the primal need for beauty that draws me here. be well my dear one.


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