Why I will write you four letters in one night

Because I cannot keep away from you. Because my nights are yours in thought and memory of the morning before, of the unexpected detonation of desire beneath the sheets at 6:49 am. Because my days are filled with disinterest and wild distractions both. Because your lips keep the memory of my tongue pressed upon them like unwithering flowers. Because my skin is stained by the fingerprints of your craving. Because breathing reconciles itself only with short, sharp pulls and forgets how to exhale. Because writing to you is not writing but an accident of words; colliding, spilling, revealing. Because my body is sore but my longing goes un-neutered. Because the amber-gold highlights of your hair spilling across your face tease a wicked game. Because the white in your smile is a reminder of the bruise on my neck. Because love is a four-lettered word when we make it. Because I cannot keep away from you.

I cannot keep away from you.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Kavya R says:

    I can’t find the words to describe just how beautifully-written this is.


  2. Sairam Krishnan says:

    Beautiful is too mild a word…!


  3. Chaitali says:



  4. temper temptress says:

    I hope you never do stop writing… it would be the equivalent of mortals not breathing…


  5. vivek tejuja says:

    I just wept. Thank you. Yet again.


  6. shyama says:

    brilliantly put!


  7. sindiantadka says:

    Staggeringly beautiful.


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