“The only thing that is on my side, is my side.” – Pseud Freud

I am convinced that modern life is out to get and the prime agent? Technology, but of course.

Everything from this fucking blasted computer to the alarm clock that goes off at noon. NOON. I have a job, you bastard and I’m not even Sikh in case that was the joke.

From the dementia of computers to the grotesqueness of mobile technology (rechristened as the blonde cell phone, i.e. pretty to look at, thick as a brick) to my Paris Hilton toaster (it’s not brown until its burnt), my perennially sulking hi-fi to the ceiling fan in my bedroom that rotates at will. I am sure its been brainwashed by the washing machine that insists on regurgitating every drop of water that goes into it. Why? And what did I ever do to you apart from use you to wash my dirty laundry?

I just get no respect. Thank God I don’t own a hair dryer or a curling iron.


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  1. M says:

    Ever wondered if this is life telling you to go off the radar and go chill on a beach where no one can find you with a pina colada by your side?


  2. dblossom says:



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