What does it take to be yourself?

Who you are in the virtual world says a lot about who you'd like to be in real life. 
I've come to realise that Twitter isn't about being who you really are but who you really wish you were. And this is
true of many I follow. I grow weary of the incessant smart-assed tweets I see on the timeline. More and more, it 
appears to that this is little more that a stage. A platform, a soapbox where you come to stand under the spotlight, 
do your jig in under 140 characters, and exit.  Here, everyone is a stand up comic. Sometimes at the cost of being
the insightful, compassionate human beings that I believe some of us truly are. Or at least have the capacity to be.

I often ask, what does it take to be popular here? Wit, irreverence, that unique turn of phrase? Very likely, yes. 
But what does it take to be yourself? Courage. 

My next post is all about that, this man,

... and then some.

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