“I used to be nice. Then I got bored.” – Pseud Freud


‘Comic Sans is for the humourless.’


‘Arrigatto’ – Japanese for ‘In a while, crocodile.’


It’s a bird! It’s a plane!
No buddy, actually it’s the flying fuck I do not give.


CS Lewis once said that the Church existed for nothing but to draw men into Christ.
I am not sure if I am the only one who finds this slightly disturbing.


Female colleague: ‘Men do nothing for me but I really don’t think I’m gay.’
Me: ‘Well, maybe you’re just… post-heterosexual’


A dietician advised me today, that in order to lose weight I must avoid all white things.

That’s it then. No more dining with Caucasians.


I can hear Akon playing somewhere. He sounds like he’s asking for food.
Akon. The voice that instinctively makes you put your hand out for alms.


The keyboard instrumental version of ‘Voulez-vous’ is playing at the restaurant.
Now, all I need is to find a table to be caught dead under later.


‘Muchos Gracias’ – Spanish for ‘what a graceful, lush handlebar you have.


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