I find you in the unlikeliest places

I find you in the unlikeliest spaces.

In my pockets, where the spare change you handed me, still jingles cheerfully.
Or, at dawn when the morning peeks out from the clouds and reminds me of the sunrise in your eyes.
And you are there in the folds of my laughter
Resting in the belly of my lids.

Sometimes, I find you in my silence
and my sorrow. My regrets are plenty but you are there too
Traced by the gnawing strum of a lonely mandolin
Or the haunting lament of the aria muffling in from next door.

I find you in the unlikeliest places.
Today I opened a book of poems and there you were
In between two hundred pages or more
You’ve found me, you said, I don’t know why you keep looking.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. The Pernicious One says:

    Stunning, this one.


  2. Aboli says:

    Beautiful! I am going to quote you one day! Thanks for writing this!


    1. mentalexotica says:

      I look forward to that day with a strange sort of excitement. Thank you 🙂


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