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  1. ali says:

    But what if it only the thoughts that you think the other person has, that makes them beautiful or ugly for you?

    Maybe it is you who shines like the sun, and the world reflects your radiance in whatever particular glory you happen to possess..?


    1. Mental Exotica says:

      Maybe you’re right. But maybe Mr. Dahl was not all wrong either. There is room for both ideas to coexist, I think.


  2. Hephail says:

    Call me Murphy blinded, but I see Mrs. Twit, in the same light as any other Twit on Twitter. If thy thoughts shine through, so does thy face.


    1. mentalexotica says:

      I don’t think this Mrs. Twit here has anything to do with microblogging or social networking of any kind. Nevertheless, I see your point.


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