‘You’re so lame you deserve a disability pension.’ – Pseud Freud


I am now being followed by @psychic_advice.
I bet they saw that coming.


Tell me what to do and I’ll tell you where you can put it.
I’ll even throw in a ‘yo momma’s so fat…’ insult for free.


Troubled thoughts, self image issues and occasional bouts of OCD.
You can see why I’m such a catch.


I just read that Wonder Woman finally gets to wear pants.
Now, if they could only get Superman to put his undies on first, we’d be sorted.


I get loads of dates… I also get loads of calendars.


Scared of paedophiles?
Just grow up.


I am usually in such poor taste it’s a surprise I am not on welfare.


Law 1: Please be respectfully dressed when entering places of worship.
Law 2: Your body is a temple. Fuck Law 1.


Milk chocolate rules.
Dark chocolate is pretentious.
And white chocolate is… Michael Jackson.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Furi says:

    Oi! I like Dark chocolate! Humph! I lobe your blog, by the way. Just stumbled across it today, and I am hooked for the morning!!


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