‘Balls to sport.’ – Pseud Freud

#Mahut-Isner #Wimbledon


Hour 6:
Spoiled for choice on TV tonight. One channel shows 22 men all chasing the same ball; another shows 2 men killing themselves over a fuzzy little green one.


Hour 7:
It doesn’t matter who wins now, does it? Everyone is watching to see who dies first


Hour 8:
Wimbledon today has been a fabulous display of the adage, ‘The show must go on!’
And on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…


Hour 9:
So they’ve been on it for 9 hours now… Wimbledon is grass, right? Not weed?


Hour 10:
This is not a match. It’s a 2-man gang bang. The court is fucked. The umpire is fucked.
And spectators are wishing they were home fucking instead of being at this retarded game.


The match continues tomorrow?!
Find the melancholic gummy bear who said ‘all good things come to an end’ and hang him by his scrotum.


Enough tweeting on silly Wimbledon.
Too much time spent at the computer can give you tennis elbow.


Pseud Freud’s Slip: If Duracell knew how this would have turned out, they’d have been EverReady to sponsor Wimbledon.

… To be continued. But of course.

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