‘Fuck me. I’m famous.’ – Pseud Freud


Lady Gaga’s new video is out.
It is yet another traumatic day for television.


Britney Spears wants to be frozen in death and brought back to life in the future.
If you have children, please, kill them now.


It seems everyone is avoiding poor Lindsay Lohan.
Even her latest piece of jewellery is a bracelet called SCRAM.


In fact, LiLo’s temper tantrums are proving too much for her SCRAM bracelet.
It has now been renamed SCREAM.


Justin Bieber’s newest release hits the stores tomorrow.
It’s called Here Comes Treble.


Jodie Foster has been accused of battery. They say she needs AA.


John Goodman’s tremendous weight loss has changed him.
Friends say he’s not half the man he used to be.


Kurt Cobain achieved Nirvana and then committed suicide.
There is no pleasing Americans.


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