“FCUK you, Deisel.”

Look, I know it sounds like I have a problem with dyslexics, but I don’t.  I just have issues with people who can’t spell.

But the truth is, thanks to FCUK, dyslexics now think they’re the height of fashion cool. And if that wasn’t tedious enough, Diesel decided to join the dumbwagon with their Be Stupid campaign. This is the brand with the baseline that reads: ‘For Successful Living’. Then I think Paris Hilton and somehow, somewhere, it makes sense.

This is a conspiracy to evangelize and glorify idiocy. It’s a new fashion democracy for stupid people by stupid people. If Diesel is telling people to Be Stupid, FCUK must be telling them to Be Dyslexic. Soon to follow will be Miss Sixty – Be A Moron, Esprit – Be Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorderly and Ed Hardy – Be Ugly.

Given the choice, I’ll take brains over testicles, thanks.

Fashion advertising is getting more demented by the day, which is just as well seeing as skinny jeans are back. Be ware.

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