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I found it necessary to repost this given an unpleasant incident last week. It was brought to my attention that *my content was being lifted and reproduced elsewhere, without credit, on another **blog.

Not only that, the person also had the temerity to alter the title and present it as his/ he own. I can’t quite describe the sense of disgust I felt when I saw my words on someone else’s page paraded as their own. This Milli-Vanillieseque attitude leaves you feeling revolted, violated and cheated. It’s disrespectful, tasteless and utterly beneath one’s dignity.

*The original post called, ‘Museing’: https://mentalexotica.wordpress.com/2010/05/09/museing/
**My content reblogged as ‘Clio’: http://kinkypuppy.wordpress.com/2010/05/16/clio/

I have contacted the blogger but s/he has not approved my comment, nor responded to it.

We All Like to Reblog Have you ever come across a blog post that you enjoyed so much you wanted to easily share it with the readers of your own blog? Sure, you can copy and paste the link and perhaps even a snippet of text with your own comments, but overall it’s not a particularly enjoyable experience. We wanted to change this and make sharing other posts with your readers as easy as posting to your blog. Today we’re introducing a new like and reblog feature enabled … Read More

via WordPress.com News

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  1. Purnima Rao says:

    This happened to me once. It was awful. I tried the passive aggressive method (because the thief was a frequent commentor/ reader, it was more fun to mess with his head) and it worked. I’m glad you posted the links to both.


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