‘Everything is wrong with me.’ – Pseud Freud


Then there was that time I misread the signboard and found myself in a Marital Arts class.


The Huffington Post claims that women tweet 12% more than men.
This now takes a derogatory term like ‘bird’, to mean ‘internet-savvy female’.


You call them User Testimonials. I call them old love letters.
Potato, potahto.


Guess what George W. Bush did on Quit Facebook Day?
That’s right. He joined Facebook.


Huggies has now come out with jean diapers. Yes, because babies, apparently give a shit.


Everything is wrong with me.
In fact, the only right thing about me is all the stuff on the opposite of my left.


Back in the day, every day felt the first day of the rest of my life.
Now of course, every day feels like the first day of my period.


And now we return to your regular scheduled pogrom.

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