“You mean ‘Fakebook'” – Pseud Freud

To all the sane, sorted individuals who have no self-esteem issues,
please join Facebook and then shut the fuck up.


I did the ‘Who Should You Date’ quiz and the bastards on Facebook told me I should ask myself out.


Seen on FB: ‘I’m wearing black today for ‘International Day Against Homophobia’.
Hasids and Amish, you might want to consider your wardrobes.


I just removed 43 group posts from my Facebook feed – accomplishment.
Now it looks like nothing has happened here since 1982 – WTF.


I just read a friend’s FB update about her recent ‘panicky attack’.
No. I really don’t know what to say.


I have just read an article on how it is possible to die of boredom.
This only confirms my suspicions that if my job doesn’t kill me, Facebook will.


Facebook has a billion people & Twitter is full of stalkers suffering short outbursts of verbal diarrhea.
I live in India & work in entertainment. My life is not much different offline.


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