Me: I am not looking for conversation or companionship or even friendship.
Such big words. No, none of these…
I am looking for smaller words, smaller things.

B: love, sex!!!
Me: No, those are big words. I mean words like
human presence
touch -to be touched even accidentally
to be held
I feel sometimes… no, all the time, the need to put my head in someone’s lap and cry
or have my hair stroked.
Just simple things…
but they are not so simple either, are they?
People prefer chit chat.
They want to share their pop psychology
I am sick to death of it.
B: wat u say is so true- when I was grieving- I was missing touch too, but everybody just wants to talk
Me: I know. I have a therapist for that.
I want a human connection.
That’s all.

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