Tell me lover, what can I save you from?

‘Last night I couldn’t bear the weight of your body. You were heavier than ever before, like a cotton blanket drenched in water. Your arms and legs held the burden of a hundred years , your heart beat slow and loud and your breath, too, was heavy, as if you had seen infinity in the breadth of a dream.

‘You overwhelm me, still, with your fits of kindness and your bouts of rage. I have no defence against your madness…

… I’m only here to love you, to soften your antique heart that’s hardened through years of misuse. I’m here to strengthen your muscles, to thin your blood, to lighten your body and guide you into ecstasy.

Let me unravel you, unfurl you bit by bit, layer by layer till I arrive at your core. Let me nurse your open wounds. Let me cure you with my secret recipe for hunger and desire. Let me fill you that (sic) dangerous longing for excess.

Let me save you from yourself.’

(This is a re-blog. Original found here:

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