“Cause when it’s over, all that matters is the love you gave away.” – Rosie Thomas

“When the money and the time and the people are all running out faster than you care to count, and the reasons don’t sound as good as they used to and you don’t remember anymore why… why you walked out on the one person who said yes, you do what you have to because I love you. And you can’t remember anymore what it was you thought you had to do or who the hell you thought you were that was so goddamn important that you couldn’t hang around long enough to say goodbye or to find out what it was you were saying goodbye to…

Then you phone, because you need to know that somewhere, for no good reason, there is one poor stupid deluded human being who smells and rots and dies and still believes in you. One human being who cares. My God, why isn’t that ever enough?”

Michael Cristofer, The Shadow Box: A Drama in Two Acts

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  1. Isha says:

    Thank god your blog remains.. something that i hopefully will never loose..


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