Starting over

Today I sit at the desk staring at this new and unfamiliar screen. It is my first post on WordPress. Everything pre-dated has been an export of old posts from my now defunct blog on Yahoo! 360 lock, stock and barrel. I am a little nervous. Technology intimidates me some. Sometimes when my blog pages take too long to load I find myself silently negotiating with the servers, ‘please let it upload’. Oh come on- what the f**k do you mean connection timed out? That sort of thing.

I interact with my blogspaces. Blogs are virtual homes, to our thoughts, ideas and expressions, aren’t they? It’s where I store my stuff- stuff that may have no value to anyone else but me. It is my archive. My record of life as I experience it. It IS a relationship. I am a tenant here. WordPress, the landlord. I am still not sure about so much. Like in a new place, you are never sure which way your taps work. You always do the test – this way for hotter, that for colder and little less of either this way and that. Ultimately you will end up with scalded feet or find your head dumped with  an unexpected shower of  icy water. So yeah,  I am treading with some caution here. But since we must begin at the beginning, I am determined to do just that…

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  1. Isha says:

    I’d love to know you !!! 🙂 Your writings say so much of you..wonder how much more there is to this person behind this screen 🙂 If your thoughts can be so beautiful and deep…then I wonder who you are and how must must “you” be !


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